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Surely you have chosen many types of interior / exterior for your home as well as for the product you are doing business. Come to us, you will have a new feeling about the product like being immersed in nature with rattan imitation plastic knitting products and the purity of mainly powder-coated iron and aluminum items. Code: tables and chairs, sofa, sun deck, …

Rattan imitation plastic products possess the unique and delicate beauty of craftsmanship with beautiful handmade knitting patterns such as trellis knitting, herringbone knitting, .. always giving the user a rustic, peaceful feeling. Being close to nature creates a relaxing and gentle space that helps each of us dispel a lot of fatigue and boredom. Therefore, more and more people prefer to decorate in the garden, on the balcony and in the living room.

High-strength aluminum products combined with large electrostatic spraying – a type of paint that helps protect iron from the activities of the external environment. Helps ensure your long life outdoors. Products are diverse in design, design, style, color, design, … Help customers choose suitable product models. Especially, there are many products with unique and novel designs.

Coming to Dragon Furniture: We are committed to products made from 100% high-grade iron and powder coated. Ensure the product has the best quality and durability. Prices are competitive in the market and are divided into many segments. As a result, customers can choose the most suitable products according to their preferences.

Ensure the best service for customers. 24/7 customer support helps customers answer questions and make purchases quickly. Our experienced staff is always ready to assist our customers. To ensure that customers can choose the right product to buy.